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How Many of These Classic Sequels to Forrest Gump Have YOU Seen Lately?

1. Robocop 2

Freeze, punk! I'm Robocop.

Beglitched by painful memories two years after his murder and subsequent transformation into law enforcement cyborg Robocop, Forrest Gump battles a violent drug syndicate in neo-retrofuturistic Detroit. At the same time, in violation of his own programming, he begins stalking Jenny and Haley Joel Osment. From the azaleas, he watches his family eat dinner and laugh without him.

In what is probably the most successful of the many Forrest Gump sequels, Tom Hanks totally nails it as the awkward shrimp-boat-captain-turned-machine-cop. Why not order a little gumbo and re-watch it with your sweetie tonight?

2. A League of Their Own

When former home run king Forrest Gump is given the chance to manage an all-girls baseball team while America fights the axis of evil in the Second World War, he better not let his alcoholism ruin the opportunity. Say hello again to the 1992 sleeper-hit that turned Tom Hanks into the unlikely intersectional feminist icon he is today.

3. The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

Shot on location in the post-apocalyptic South, an aging Forrest vanishes from the gnarled ruins of the Gump plantation to reprise his epic cross-country run in a very different looking America. A little sad, but still fun to watch over and over.

4. The Man in the Iron Mask

During the sex, drugs, and baroque music-fueled reign of King Louis XIV, a time-traveling Gump must stop Leonardo DiCaprio’s wussy twin brother from overthrowing the crown, convince him to remove his stupid mask, and get a life. With lame Leo gone, cool Leo and Gump can finally tag-team the Gauls together like they'd always planned!

Good idea for tomorrow: put your phone in your lap and watch the whole thing when the boss isn't looking. Bonus points if you don't flinch when—whoops!—Forrest accidentally beheads John Malkovitch in the monarch's anteroom.

5. Surf Ninjas

Ninjas. Surfboards. Gump. If you need any more than this in your kids’ movies, you're an asshole.

Everyone else: binge watch this until you slowly begin to die.

6. Die Hard 3: Die Hard with a Vengeance

While on intermission from an ill-fated community theatre satire of the virulently racist Birth of a Nation, Forrest Gump is lured away from the Dr. Pepper by a charming Hollywood producer—played by none other than the beautiful and haunting Jeremy Irons—with promises of big-screen movie roles and a pair of galoshes filled with shrimp.

The reason for this subterfuge? Jeremy Irons’s love interest (Jane Fonda in an eponymous role) wants revenge for the atrocities Forrest Gump is widely believed to have committed during the Vietnam War.

So, after a boring three-day road trip, Forrest, oblivious to the extremely offensive visual impact of the satirical KKK stage outfit he's still wearing, is handed his shrimp-galoshes and abandoned in Upper Manhattan. Luckily, Samuel L. Jackson owns a radio factory across the street and is able to save Forrest’s dumb ass. Part blockbuster action flick, part controversial take on race relations in the 1990s, this artfully challenging sequel asks what can be done to stop the tide of inscrutable celebrity behavior.

As if you needed a reason to re-watch Forrest Gump 6: Die Hard 3: Die Hard with a Vengeance.

7. Apollo 13

Beplagued by engine failure 30,000 miles from home, Space Commander Gump and the Apollo 13 crew must hatch an escape plan—yesterday. In a circular nod to The Simpsons episode where Homer goes to outer space, Director Ron Howard has Forrest mistakenly unleash a hive of bees, which is the last thing these stressed-out astronauts need! Meanwhile, Bill Paxton dismantles a Hoover vacuum cleaner for spare rocket ship parts.

Just when things couldn't get any crazier, Forrest decides to play his NASA space-violin to distract the bees, who are swarming around a scared shitless and deathly allergic to bee venom Kevin Bacon. The only problem is, Forrest hasn't practiced violin in years! Sure enough, though, America's favorite accidental hero remembers a gentle sonata he used to play for his mother when she was depressed. With the whole world watching, Forrest manages to soothe the bees, and Bill Paxton uses the vacuum cleaner’s engine to slingshot the doomed spaceship back to earth.

Final analysis? Yep.


Those are just a few of the best sequels to Forrest Gump that you need to watch again ASAP—if you aren’t doing so already!

(Hey, did we miss anything? Which of the hundreds of sequels to Forrest Gump are in YOUR desert-island queue? Let us know by writing us a letter!)

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