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Someone Please Explain How I Missed These Baffling Moments from the Original Ninja Turtles Movie

Updated: Jul 1

Nothing in the world is exciting. Or, at least, not as exciting as finding a whole movie for free on Youtube. Last week, somebody uploaded the entire original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. Hell yeah! I watched it at work with the sound off. The verdict? Honestly, there were a few things I do not remember at all. Like Splinter's magic mushroom trip. How did I miss that?

Here are the most bizarre moments you might have forgotten about from the original TMNT!

1. The mysterious German that stayed with the turtles for a week

Forgot about this one.

2. Leo tells Raph he is an illusion who has forgotten how to die

That's upsetting, but kind of cool.

3. The turtles discuss pork socks

What? Who's Oliver?

4. Casey Jones, the lactose-intolerant bigot


5. Michelangelo and Leonardo loudly thanking Karen

That's pretty weird.

6. Tatsu literally beat up a teenager for disrespecting his penis


7. The sequence where Splinter takes hallucinogenic mushrooms

I don't remember this.

8. Shredder's spiritual night-battle with himself, followed by his timid request for S&M.

I don't like this.

The Final Words

As you can see, there was some weird stuff from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that we forgot about. Sometimes it's better to leave the past alone. We know that now.


Love you, buddy.

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