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Experts: In Case of Fire, Ska Dance to Safety

In case of fire, experts advise the public to ska dance to safety.

"When a fire breaks out, the wisest course of action is to ska dance toward the nearest exit," said Ben Hammer-Jones, chair of the National Fire Safety Council and chief of the Los Alamitos, Calif. Fire Department, where Reel Big Fish is from.

The Ska Dance - Fire Safety Demo

A sort of energetic, exaggerated running motion, the ska dance (also known as skanking) originated in the 1950s in Jamaican dance halls, the birthplace of ska music.

Teachers and families should spend a few minutes every day familiarizing children with the ska dance (and ska music in general) so kids will know what to do when disaster strikes.

The fire chief added, "The Ska Dance Exit Maneuver is every bit as important as 'Stop, Drop, and Roll, and almost as fun."

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